Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Bonfires, Tiki Bar, Ice Cream .. Smokin' on the Beaver BBQ

A little more info on the awesome Ice Cream Machine
Hand built, each ice cream bucket holds 5 gallons of ice cream,
The motor is a 1927 Fairbanks 3hp hit - miss motor
The wagon is hand-built with oak boards he had in "the barn for years"
The first batch of Ice Cream takes 1hr 45 mins to make, after that it takes 45 minutes to make more..

He has a secret recipe for the tasty treat, (but who doesn't) It was yummy

Cooking during the day

(sorry no pics of cooking)

After Cooking up Ribs, Pork Butt. Baked Beans. and turning in the food for judging, then serving up the remainder for the public to devour, and devour they did they ran out of food. even with 47 teams preparing the food, folks must really like it..

On to Tiki Bar Night

Let the party begin !

Returning guests, his wife says: watch him he "falls down alot"

I dunno, do not remember this one

Gals out at Smokin' on the Beaver
Bartender in training
The Locals decided to have a bon fire across form the Tiki Bar "Sweet"

A little later in the night
Good entertainment
Winding down .... it was a good night

The young adults in these parts are alright by me


  1. One day I'll make it for the BBQ on the Beaver. In the meantime, I am homesick for the tiki bar (and missing you, too).