Wednesday, October 23, 2013

In Colorado --- Some Hunting & Fishing

Second Season of Elk hunting near Fairplay
Too there were no Elk to be found, But, a great place for Photos

Old log cabin, we started a fire in the fireplace to keep off the cold

We were not far from Spinney Reservoir

With the Elk Missing in action, decided to go fishing :)

All of the trout in this lake are big This guy is about to go into the net

The rules for this lake are: the trout must 20 inches or bigger to keep
This guy was about 18 inches, went back in the lake, since I could not keep the fish, I took pictures of the so called smaller ones

The catch limit of the 20 inch or over is ( 1 )

The rainbows here have a purple color to them
I did catch one at 20 1/2 inches,
Cooked him for dinner, was big enough to feed 4 hungry hunters with one fish ....  Umm

Sorry for the noise on video,,, need to learn how to edit, and find a editor

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