Monday, April 21, 2014

Off-Grid Reverse Osmosis .. water purification

 I have had some discussions with folks who travel about water quality for drinking water, so do ever know what is in the water you are paying for?

About a year ago I had an extra Reverse Osmosis water purification system laying around.

Since, I have used one for purifying nasty well water for the last 10 years. It has been filtering out carbon, salt, and slime, and who knows what else, since there are major fracking operations all around this part of the country.

The reverse Osmosis makes the water drinkable for me ..

When traveling to "other " parts of the country I am very weary of "what they" put in the drinking water.
We know that "they" add chlorine gas, chlorimine chemical, fluoride, arsenic levels have been relaxed, plus other stuff they keep secret .. (not much trust here from where I stand)

Here is the latest design so far, the filter system is a standard RO filter system you can purchase at the big box stores, they are pricey.
 But, worth every penny.
  Last year, I  filtered thousands of gallons per year with the unit, it takes about 4 years of continuous use to plug up the original filter canisters, from a well using a whole house course filter as a primary filter.

I have added a 12 volt RV water pump to supply enough pressure to be able to push the purified water through the RO membrane.

Also installed is a switch to be able to turn off the pump as needed, I use Anderson connectors for the 12 volt electrical connections that come from a 12 volt deep cycle battery.

 The RV water pump is not self priming, So I found a cool little 12 volt marine pump used in boats for their sinks and showers, it is 12 volt power, and submersible, makes for a super priming pump.

Above is the RO purified is shown being collected in a 5 gallon water cooler.
 In a RO system there is water not filtered through the RO membrane, which is up to 95%, this is still highly filtered water, in the RV I use this water for general purposes, such as for washing dishes, toilet water, shower water, water that is not consumed internally.

During this run of purifying drinking water I am taking water from a holding tank through a garden hose, to the RO system, from the RO system the purified water is collected in the blue tank, the by pass water is filling the fresh water tank of the RV.

I have also used this system to purify water in the southwest using a plastic badder filled with water and carried to the  RV, with the suburban and using the Solar System in the Suburban to supply the necessary electrical power to run the filter system.
So, if you would like to purify water off- grid this is an alternative way to do so, I also have the Berkey System gravity filter that will work to take out most of the nasty stuff, but, I really do not trust a gravity system to remove some viruses, chemicals, and radiation.


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  2. Berky comment:
    The black berkey filters do remove viruses and many chemicals that would be found in the water. Below is a link the test results showing this. The filters have not been tested for radiation though, so we cannot comment to that.

    Sorry removed link.. please contact if you would like to advertise for free ...

    Berky will not stand behind broken filter elements ... I will make a new post abut that