Saturday, April 26, 2014

Berky Water Filter .. broken filter repair ...

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Well, since Berky thought it would be good to comment on our RO System and try to compare their system to a true purifying system, I have done a little research on some of their claims, it seems, that not all of the claims are totally true.. All I can say is do your own research on the net and decide for yourself  (if your are capable :)

I have a couple of black Berky filter elements that I have used with a couple food grade buckets.
The thought is, that if I need to filter some really nasty, algae, tainted water, I would use the Berky filters to take out the big stuff, so I would not plug up the finer RO filters, thus extending the life of the RO filters.

The Berky filters have a stem that they use to mount to the bottom of the container they are used in.

Well, being stored in the RV, being knocked around, I had one of the stems break off.
Not wanting to buy another filter element for $50.00 I decided to repair what I have.

Photo shows the stem with the wing-nut

The Repair

I cut the remaining stem off, flush with the housing.

Next using a drill, drilled hole the correct size to be able to tap 3/8" threads.

The 3/8" tap cutting threads to accept a nylon bolt

After making another trip to the big box (that put all  the small hardware stores out of business) store.
I picked up a couple 3/8" nylon bolts

This shows the bolt in the lathe (cheating a little) ready to drill a hole down the center.

The finished bolt
I now have a way to attach the element through the bucket, and able to store the element in the bucket between uses

The finished repair, I added a silicone washer for a little more stability when it is mounted.

I attended a "Show " last year where a Berky representative was there, I asked them if they were interested in knowing how their filter elements could be repaired ..
Response was ........ not interested (REALLY  ?)

Guess their only focus is on sales not customer service  .. OK by me ... that is what competitors are for.

So that is the Berky story from the Putz

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