Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Pheasant Season is coming soon

 It is time to get the dogs ready for checking out cover, and remembering commands for opening day

Libby .... going to another spot to check
the last time I had her to the vet,  they said she has some arthritis, doesn't look like it here

Cody ....  what was that you said ?

I love  it when she does that

I think I smell something

Man it feels good to be back in the field

The dogs get to run around for awhile, I get to blast about 120 shotgun shells at clay birds.

Next week, we will be trying to find the real birds

I hope the weather holds so we can make one more trip to get ready next week


  1. I hope this means we'll be enjoying pheasant at the tiki bar, again, this year!

    Libby and Cody are beautiful! I love me a working dog! Funny how they don't feel thng when they're doing what they love!

  2. If I make it we will have nuggets again