Tuesday, October 2, 2012

More ... Smokin' on the Beaver

We arrived in Atwood Thursday evening just in time to watch Thursday night football (it is football season after all) Jeff and I watched the football game and made it a early night to get some needed sleep.

Saturday, it was set up time for the campsite.
building the famous TIKI Bar, the lighted flagpole, the cooking area, and the flat screen tv for the sports bar element.

Friday was the start of the cooking, starting with the beef brisket, it must of weighted 10 pounds.
I started it at 3pm and stayed with it all night finally giving in to go to sleep at 4 am.

Saturday, the big day..

Cooking, the pork butt,  ribs,and beans.

During the cooking time they have horse drawn hayrack rides

 During the afternoon the have music playing I liked this beer song

Also during the afternoon the locals show off their hot and customized golf carts, this one is a 1964 with a 2 cylinder engine and three speed transmission.

Out turn in times started at 4:45pm to 5:30pm

 here are pictures of the food

This is the pork ribs

This is the Brisket sample
I forgot to take a picture of the brisket, this year it got cooked a little too long, not as good as I like..

After turning in the food for judging, at 6pm the rest of the food is taken to the hall for the public to consume

A video of the folks in line to eat some good BBQ, it is quite a line. The organizers to us they sold 800 food tickets, pretty impressive for a small town in northern Kansas 

After supper it is time for the TIKI sports bar to happen

It's a funny thing with the TIKI Bar, some want to take picture with it.

Here are the Husker fans watch the Huskers finally win 30 - 27 

 This year they made a new category BEST CAMPSITE,  I guess all the Nebraska fans voted  :)

 It ended up a late night, a live band from Colorado Springs played 'till 11 pm,
The local youth partied till 3am..



  1. I'm not surprised that the Tiki Bar was voted Best Camp!

  2. Thank You Cindi,
    Hope you are well