Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Trying to watch the Super Bowl

Super Bowl Sunday came upon us, We have NO local station that will come in, we have very marginal internet signal. So, we did find a casino that bragged they had 3 tv's and were going to have the game on.
Well in true rv'ers fashion we  (I) got a late start cooking some tasty steaks on the grille, so we made a mad dash to "the casino" to watch the game

Brent drove to the hot spot, we entered the joint only to find, they do have 3 tv's .... but no where to sit and watch them unless you are sitting in front of a slot machine, with 2 BIG BOY Indians watching your every move and a big MOMMA doing the same..

Brent did have a conservation with one of the big boys that informed  him that the bowling alley in Ajo had tv's...  Ahh we are in WHY Arizona .. yup Why ? :)
We returned to the campsite to try and watch the game on the internet ... after all the NFL was streaming the game for free of charge on the internet, so we thought COOL...
WELL, after trying to get a steady feed with the the lame Verizon air card and trying to get the smart phone to download for more than 1 minute of action at a time, we finally decided at half time we would try the bowling alley, (after all what do have to loose)
The bowling alley actually turned out to be just what the doctor ordered, we were able to watch the second half .. Nice job Giants
Brent showed me how to better use my camera, so I was taking pictures in the bar without a flash

The bright spot at the left is the tv...
On Monday Brent and I were trying to get some sunset pictures.. Here is what I came up with

There weren't many cloudy evenings
On the walk back I was able to get a shot of Horton (the Motor Home of Brent and Christine)

After sunset Brent took some pic of the Tiki Bar I really like this one
Another shameless pic of the Tiki Bar and Christine having our first Margaretta with the good stuff


  1. Those sunset shots turned out great! But I want to know why there are no pictures of the bouncers from the Casino....chicken!

  2. Guess I should have taken one while you had them busy :)