Saturday, February 4, 2012

Ajo Arizona

Left Yuma this morning, traveled to Ajo to meet Brent and Christine at their campsite on BLM land surrounded by Giant Socorro Cactus, I am working my way back to Colorado

Set up the Tiki Bar .. Christine likes it ..  so far this is the best picture if it yet at night

We went for a little walk and I snapped a couple of pics

There are no local TV stations here, I noticed there was a casino down the road at Why they boast of 3 Tv's and are going to be open for the Super Bowl .. we will check it out tomorrow


  1. I hear some places in CO need to be avoided after the recent snowfall, for about 6 more months.

    The tiki bar looks good anywhere!

    Goooooooooooo Pats!

  2. It will be 50 degrees by the weekend