Thursday, February 2, 2012

Annual MexicoTrip

When you walk into Mexico it said that one should go early and leave early . That way the line to get BACK in the USSA is short.
Well not yesterday, I entered Mexico at 10am.
Checked on a couple of blankets, went to the pharmacy, went to the liquior store.
Everything was going good except there is a law that liquor cannot be sold until 11am, now I had 45 minuted to kill.

I walked around the streets for awhile, looked at all the stuff they say is made in Mexico and is actually made in China or South Korea, I had my Jeff Dunham " Walter" hat on, the vendors thought it was worn out, wanted to sell me a new hat (hey I paid to have it look that way) :)

I then visited the garden and took some pictures. (they don't worry about so called terrorists, you can take all the pictures you want, walk right in at the border, no one is even there to say HI :)

I Took pitures of this the first time I was down here with Ash's grandparents, thought I would do it again. (after-all I have the time)
The story of the not quite matching walls.
The Pavilion is one city block square, during construction it was deided to build an arched wall across the center. They decided to start on each side and meet in the middle.
When they got close to the center, it did not quite line up so they stopped.
Maybe they should not take so many siesta's, or have a better boss man, it does give the place some caricature, they did finish running the electrical and water lines.

This is inside the pavilion a very large TIKI hut

I finished taking pictures and still had about 30 minutes left, went bak to the Mexican blanket store, haggled for awhile, finally bought 2 blankets (they are so warm)

Back to the liquor store still waiting for 11am. I checked out the store more and waited (with everyone else)

11 am came and I had our yearly supply of the Good Tequila for margaritas..

The so called short line at 11am to get back to the USA was a block long now.
So it took 45 minutes standing in line to get to one of the 3 customs folks checking passports.

After leaving Mexico, back home to the trailer


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