Sunday, January 16, 2011

Trip to Quartzsite

After a late start

We made it to San Felipe Indian Casino , they have a nice flat lot for rv's and available electrical power if needed for $15.00 per night.
We are set up with 4 6volt batteries, so we have enough reserve power for the furnace to keep warm a d watch TV.

This a shot of the gps information for this part of the trip

The next morning we left for the second leg of the trip, going down I-25 to I-40 west, to the Arizona border, and then took us hwy 191 south ( shortcut?)
The road was pretty rough narrow 2 lane, Long day, finally stayed at wal-mart at Globe Arizona (in the mountains) Gps shows 900 miles, 15 hrs travel time.

This morning left early, traveled through Pheonix (no traffic) made the last 200 miles to Quartzsite.

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