Sunday, January 23, 2011

Leaving Quartzsite

I took this picture of a 79 VW
young couple from Mass.

I thought Jenny might like these pictures.

During the day everyone does their own thing, but, at about sundown folks in the area gather around the campfire and share stories, (or who can tell the best lie:) )
Usually lasts to 9 pm for most. by then it is getting pretty cool outside.

This guy showed up for a day, I saw his Iowa plate with floyd county,

He lives in Charles City, worked at the White farm factory, but, does not remember Roy Fisher

I added this un-cropped picture to illustrate the vastness of the areas for boondocking camping in these areas (BLM lands)

This is Bob's rig.
Bob has converted a cargo trailer into a RV

The panels on top are solar panels, between those and a Honda 1000 watt generator, he is self sufficient .
Bob has various web sites on living, in small units and, very economically.
Through his efforts many folks stopped by and stayed in this area for a
Rubber Tramp Rendezvous

Now off to Pahrump Nevada

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