Monday, January 17, 2011

Quartzsite Az

Last night I talked with folks that are from a group, that stay in vans, class C's.

They found out that I had a wind generator.
So, they made an appointment for today to ask questions and help put up the generator.

I had about 10 folks asking questions and comments, it was fun

I also found water on the ground on the back side of the trailer, after investigating I found the drain for the fresh water leaking, it had a crack in a plastic connector, (probably was frozen and cracked) Now that I am in warmer weather ( today 80*F )
it started to leak and I lost 3/4 of the water I put in yesterday.

Traffic at the exit at I-10 exit, had to get across to get to the hardware store to get new parts for the water leak repair, took a while.

After the repair was made, I made 3 trips to the Loves truck stop to get water, & haul to the trailer, used a small pondmaster water pump and refilled the tank.

Noon inside temp :) door open

For (Lawrence) the solar was putting 13.9 to 14 amps at noon.


Youtube video below

You tube video below

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