Monday, January 4, 2010

Last hunting trip of the season

We left the trailer in our spot in Nebraska on the last trip, so on Wed. of last week the dogs and I traveled back out for another hunting excursion,

I was watching the weather reports and the temps were not predicted to be too bad.

We started hunting on Thursday, We finally bagged a wild turkey, but, only one pheasant, the pheasants are extremely difficult to get close enough to get a shot at now. The temps were in the 40's not bad.

We celebrated new years eve with local friends. The same folks in the cooking contest, in Atwood Ks.

We hunted on new years day for about a half day.

The following morning we hunted for about another half day. no success on getting close enough for a shot even with the dogs

Saturday Morning we woke up to 15 deg. temps , decided to return home with the trailer.

we invited Chris and Ash ( and Ash's extended family) to try out the wild turkey, it was decided to fry the turkey in peanut oil to see how it would taste.

Frying of the turkey went without a hitch (no fire)

The turkey turned out to be very moist and tasty..

The next 2 weeks will be used to prepare for the next trip to the southwest for some "snowbird" time ...

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