Friday, January 22, 2010

day 2 Yuma

Weather report for our spot in the southwest.

The weather was going nuts yesterday, many places flooding around us , we had heavy rain, and it was pretty windy , my maximum wind speed on the mini weather station was 39.3 mph., the wind charger was going nuts. ( but not as bad as the time in Cody Wyoming)

We had enough water slowing past the trailer that I decided to fill my water tank with rain water.

I have on-board a pond pump and wanted to try it out, I hooked up hoses to the pump, and added a filter, used the inverter from the suburban, dug a small hole next to the trailer and pumped rain water into the fresh water holding tank, it took about 20 minutes but, it did fill the tank, worked great.

I now know the system will work in a pinch if needed in the future.

This morning I used some of that same water to take a shower, it was good....

The forecast for today from the weather guru's was to be cloudy and windy.

Well, the forcasters in this area are not too accurate, it was sunny and small wind 10 mph or less.

As for other RV'ers the rain showed some newly discovered water leaks, so a trip to the RV supply house was in order to purchase sealant to stop leaks, they said they were selling alot of it.


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