Friday, November 6, 2009

Opening day of Pheasasnt Season

On Oct 30th.
After waiting for  interstate 76 to open after the blizzard on Friday

After about 9:30 am the interstate was opened from Denver to Nebraska

Libby, Cody and I left for the southwest area of Nebraska, with the camper in tow and anticipating a slow drive.

We drove the whole route, only to find just wet and dry roads, the trip was uneventful (thank goodness)

We are set up at a new spot for hunting from, I will post a picture latter.

With the very wet roads, we managed to get around, (only sliding into the ditch once) a total of 10 pheasants were harvested despite standing crops, very good opening weekend..

Cody trying to sit on friend Gary's lap about to fall off

Couple of tired dogs laying next to the wood stove, staying warm

Libby relaxing next to the fire

     Abandoned place typical of our hunting spots

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