Friday, November 27, 2009

A little more about a broken suburban

During the trip back to Waunetta from the Chevy dealer in Imperial, the suburban began running very poorly, only able to get to 40 mph top speed.

I was able to get back to the camper and decided that is was no longer an option to try and get back to Colorado and repair the fuel pump..

Harchelroad Motors has a branch shop in Waunetta, after trying to find a fuel pump for a 8.1 liter suburban. (It is impossible) I contacted the dealer in Colorado ( I had previously purchased a new fuel pump last summer). and they were able to get another pump from the warehouse in Denver.

The Colorado dealer was able to overnight the new pump to the Waunetta dealer and the pump arrived the next day at 10:30am.

I dropped off the suburban to the dealer at 11 am.

Photo of dealer

suburban on the lift,
to remove the fuel tank
and replace fuel pump

The defective pump was boxed up, and will be returned to the Colorado dealer.

The pump has a 12 month factory warranty

After installing the new pump, we ( Libby, Cody & I) decided we needed to test drive the suburban to make sure it was ok.

We drove around to couple of our favorite hunting spots the check on birds. Everything was good.

It is harvest time, after a wet early fall the corn harvest is in full swing. Photo of a pile of corn by the elevator.

We decided to not drive back after dark (too many deer)

An invitation to the Goodtimes Bar was full of fun and laughs.

enjoying the evening Jeff,Billy. Ed, Becky

Our waitress (smiley)

All of the girls posed for a "smiley" picture

One of my favorite pictures of a Brittany hunting dog

Becky having a good time....

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