Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Lots going on this week

for the last week the suburban has been acting up a little.
It would loose power intermittently, and recover, I changed the fuel filter, (still the same),
checked the evaporation system on the fuel tank (It is Ok)
It had not acted up for 2 weeks, so, we decided to go hunting in Nebraska for a couple of days before Thanksgiving.

We have come back to the little house and set up, during the trip the suburban had a couple hickups, nothing bad.

Went turkey hunting on Monday morning and the turkeys saw me move ( I need to get under better cover) no bird..

Decided to take the suburban to the local Chevy dealer in Imperial Ne. we discussed the issues with the suburban and made an appointment for Tuesday at 9 am.

This dealership had burnt down last month and they have moved across the street to a building they had been building to house new cars.

Tuesday AM...

Received a call from Gary and he had to leave early and go back to Denver, his wife was taken to a hospital overnight..

Went to Harchelroad Motors in Imperial, Eddie the mechanic hooked up the tech 2 scanner to the suburban and tested all of the sensors and electrical systems, (the only out of normal reading was the oxygen sensor reading showing a lean condition). We then next installed a fuel pressure gauge and test drove the suburban, found the fuel pump, ( which was replaced last summer) is not supplying constant fuel pressure.

Paid the bill for diagnosis, (Only $25.00 wow )

On the way back to the trailer the pump is about to go out, top speed is 40 mph.

Now, I have made arrangements with the GM dealer in Colorado, to send a new pump to Nebraska overnight.

We now have power for the
camper in our favorite spot for hunting

The city cut down a cottonwood tree
to keep it from pulling down power lines

Pretty big tree

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