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Gasoline Outage in Mexico .

I thought this may be important information for fellow snowbirds planning to go to Mexico this season...

1:30 PM update on Mexican gasoline situation.
We talked to 3 different gas stations and observed the situation at several more. Here it is:
Gas lines were up to 1/4 mile long at 2 stations that got gas overnight and vanished at around 11:30 AM when those stations ran out. We did not ask questions at those stations because they were chaos. At the other stations there were no cars and accesses on some were blocked off. We went into two that were not blocked off and one that was.
1. 100 percent unanimous consensus that the United States caused the problem. This was also the case at the stations we asked yesterday.
2. 100 percent unanimous consensus that there will be no normal gas until some time in January.
3. 100 percent unanimous consensus that the Mexican government was going to milk the situation for as much cash as possible, and that it did not need to be this bad if they did not want it to be this bad.
4. 50/50 consensus: Gas shipments will be resumed from America – other 50 – China will send the gas.
Other salient details: Claudia has direct daily contact with a Mexican billionaire family. That family said that the government is not causing this on purpose, that it was a real crisis, and that they were going to let limited gas into the system from government reserves that would normally be for other purposes. But it will not be situation normal. The Mexican government has not raised gas prices a single cent. That will change in January though.
There was no refinery issue that caused this. The normal Mexican infrastructure for distribution is fine.
Gas station attendants are panicking, because they need customers for cash and they suddenly have no income. One repeated several times that they were in serious trouble because they were not making any money. Only about 15 percent of the stations received gas last night. These were mobbed until dry in the morning. One station had gas after 11:30, but they said they could only give it to people who had a “pass”, whatever that meant.
OK, so that is the situation on the ground. There is massive speculation on what caused America to suddenly stop sending gas. NO ONE has the answer. MY SPECULATION: America stopped gas shipments to Mexico so it would be available in America for a WAR. PERIOD. It is the only thing that makes any sense. I have not received any official word on this, but that would be my guess.
SUMMARY: Yesterday evening enormous portions of Mexico ran out of gas without warning. I am talking a personally confirmed MINIMUM of 18 million people, and it probably is more like 100 million people without gas. There was no explanation given other than that “The U.S. stopped sending gas” and “Now we have to wait until January for more to arrive from China” This is what the gas stations were saying. Obviously, if the U.S. really did stop sending gas suddenly, it would be a war preparation move, where the U.S. would be stockpiling gas before a huge world war to stop Trump from getting in.
There is a LOT about this topic on this page now. I am going out today to get an update on this crisis.
One reader pointed out that Mexico is a large crude oil producer. Possibly. But that does not necessarily mean gasoline, it might mean road tar. And contrary to what people think, Mexico has a huge number of cars on the road and is similar to America that way. So gas demands are very high.
One guy trolled me and said the CIA blew up Mexico’s last refinery years ago. That is a laugh, Mexico has some absolutely giant refineries. And that begs the question: How on earth did gas just suddenly run out? It did not fade out, it was just suddenly gone. If it really is gone, it would mean that the government did not warn the people of an obvious approaching crisis.
This morning, cars are gone from driveways about 80 percent of normal. But no one idled them like they usually do (usually people idle them for 10 minutes or more before driving which I think is stupid) and today they all started them and drove immediately. Overall traffic is down by at least 70 percent so they are driving to single important destinations. It is much quieter.
One guy messaged me and said “war with Mexico is on!” and I shook my head. Obviously not. Others messaged saying that the U.S. exported more oil to Mexico than ever this year and that there was a 40 year ban on oil exports to Mexico prior to this year. That’s BULLSHIT, Mexicans all know the gas has always come from America and I don’t care what gets quoted to the contrary. They are angry with Pemex, which charges huge prices and never develops anything. All Mexicans know Mexico could be oil independent and simply blame corruption for that never happening.
So with the gasoline crisis in Mexico, which regardless of what you are reading in the TOTAL BULLSHIT SCAMMING LYING MSM THAT COULD NOT GET THE TRUTH RIGHT EVEN AFTER A BULLET THROUGH THE BRAIN, Mexico has a severe fuel crisis ongoing right now and it is not just one city, this is widespread from the U.S. border down to Mexico City. 
I do not know if Mexico City itself is out of gas yet, but the states of Queretaro, Guanajuato and Jalisco are out that I have confirmed myself because they are neighboring states, one of them I drove into, and THAT is worthy of world news all by itself. All the gas stations said there would be nothing more until next year because “a boat had to come from China to bring it” because “the U.S. is not sending it anymore”.
Claudia and I got early warning and led the pack with a Mercedes and a Nissan following out of state in a mad rush for gas elsewhere and when we pulled in to the first gas station in the neighboring state we were the first and there was suddenly a huge mob of cars behind us waiting for gas. It was like the beginning of a disaster movie. And then that state (not only that station) ran out of gas completely two hours later. I am going out now to get an update on the situation.
Post from last night:
Question: What cities are out of gas? My response: That’s hard to know. But at present, it appears problems are happening in Guadalajara, and DEFINITE: The city of Leon and outlying areas with a population of 2 million is completely out of gas at all pumps and all gas stations in the entire city. All other cities in the state of Gunanajuato are confirmed to be completely out of gas. The state of Queretaro is out of gas. The state of Chihuahua is confirmed to be completely out of gas. All Texas border areas in Mexico are confirmed out of gas. That would strongly imply that the city of Monterrey is out of gas. And since these states range from south central Mexico all the way North, the gas crisis is obviously huge.
Claudia just got back from a Christmas party that was heavily weighted with Mexico’s upper class, and in their circles nothing is confirmed as to why this is happening other than ALL gas is going to be coming from China now. That is why I issued the war warning in the original report (below) on this because if that be the case, WHY IS IT THE CASE? They are not saying it is because of any war but maybe they did not think of that because they are not in on whatever this is.
One huge factor is that this is all such a huge surprise. Yesterday morning everything was fine. In the evening NO GAS. So everyone is running like a chicken with it’s head cut off trying to find that one last location that might still have gas.
There is a side issue that should not have taken effect yet – Mexico has a new energy policy that regulates the gas stations, and all of the stations have to sign it or they will receive no gas. However, action on this was supposed to start on January 1 and the cutoff was not supposed to be instant. So though that needs to be considered in the future, it should not have done anything today.
Mexican perception is that the government is playing games, and simply cut off imports from the U.S. so they can get them from China instead and make more money. But it would be beyond stupid to just stop importing from America and wait for the slow boat to arrive while the nation crashes. The only thing that makes sense is that America cut off exports, and Mexico has to scramble to get gas from anywhere possible. And if that most rational outcome is what is at play here, stockpiling by the U.S. in preparation for a MAJOR war is the only conceivable reason.
I do not have all the answers with this, I can only say what is being said, what has happened, and then think rationally about what it means.
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