Wednesday, February 18, 2015

History in Granite

When traveling on Interstate 8 east from the last camping post you pass a museum called the Museum of History in Granite.
Their web site is The site will give you of the particulars of the museum, here are a few images  collected during the stop to find out what the heck that spiral staircase in the middle of no-where is all about.

Walking up the first thing you see is the sun dial that uses a replica of Michael Angelo's pointing arm from the Sistine Chapel Mural

Besides being a museum it is also a post office pretty handy no need to go to town to mail a letter

The beginning of the $5.00 tour you go into the pyramid
 In the center of the pyramid is a plaque that has been designated as the center of the world (decreed by Imperial County of California & The French Government)
While standing at the center of the world this is the view out of the pyramid with the Church on the Hill, a replica of a church of the founders home town in France
The rest of the area consists of granite A-frames with panel depicting various histories  (see web site)

About that spiral staircase
Kinda rusty but hey, it ts old and from the Iffel tower

I thought that this awesome tree deserved some credit for thriving in the middle of the desert

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