Sunday, February 15, 2015

American Girl Mine

We have camped a couple of times at the American Girl Mine west or Yuma during the snowbird season, it has very flat areas for camping, with washes and some vegetation so it does not resemble a moonscape..
One downside is it is in the great sand dunes area. when windy it can be quite dusty .

It is a good place to Boondock on BLM  with it's close proximity to Yuma for supplies, and services

There are trains that go by occasionally, hauling goods in sea shipping containers, and military choppers coming by now and then

Apparently there are a few who still think there is a chance to find some gold here

I was getting a little too warm to stay past the 15th of Feb. with a day high temp reaching around 95, so bugging out was high on the agenda..

All of the rigs in this picture are from Colorado

Great place will return

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