Monday, April 29, 2013

First Fishing Trip 2013 ... Steaks in Benkleman

We left Friday afternoon, destine for Sterling Colorado, hoping to catch some non-beef or Chicken  food

Set up camp Friday evening,

Launched the pontoon boat Sat. am.

Trolled around for quite a while (no bites)

On the far end of the lake the flooded timber is loaded with big bird nests, almost all of these nests are of the  Blue Herons , I have never seen such a concentration of these guys in the west.

These buggers can eat a-lot of fish.... as me how I know :)

A little closer shot .. Click on picture to enlarge

After trying for a few more hours we called it and decided we could do other things with our time left in the day,

 Rusty, decided to work his way back to Denver, try, Jackson Reservoir for fishing

I packed up and headed toward Southwest Nebraska, (the pheasant hunting grounds).
 Since I purchased a used outboard motor for Jeff, and needed to deliver it to him.

Sweet Little Evenrude 6 hp Motor

It was then decided that we were getting a little hungry,  we decided to try a Steakhoouse in Benkleman, Ne,  the trip is about 29 miles away to GO EAT...

The small towns in this part of the country struggle to have restaurants, so this is a treat

The Skyline Grill

Our gracious service person at the Skyline

The food was pretty good
(this is cattle country)

This is a led lighted tree in the reception area I really like.

On Sunday afternoon we scrounged around to find enough parts for the fuel system to run the outboard motor.
But, we were successful without needing to go  60 miles round trip to get everything.

Sunday afternoon we were on the water fishing.
Oh, the fishing ...... same as the results from earlier in the week ... no bites...
But, the weather was  nice, about 85 degrees and a breeze ... a breeze in Nebraska is about 20 mph

till next time

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