Thursday, February 7, 2013

China Tires = China-bombs

China tire rant...................
During the trip back to Colorado this month, about 70 miles west of Tucson, ANOTHER tire blew out on Interstate 8.

This makes crappy tire #6 for the year.
None of the tires were more than 9 months old, a couple lasted only 3-4 months.

These tires do not just go down, they go off like bombs, with loud bangs, that can be heard over the radio in the truck when going down the road, it does not make a difference what speed you are going.

The tread always looks perfect, (I check at every fuel stop)

So, anyone that is thinking of buying ST trailer tires for a trailer

I have now replaced these horrible tires with Maxxis brand tires that were original equipment, when the trailer was new, they are made in Thailand. The original maxis tires lasted for about 40,000 miles without any trouble even when they were so low on tread the belts were showing in North Platte Ne.still made it home without any trouble

The first crappy tire blew before a trip to Iowa, destroying the wheel well that had to be rebuilt.
(insurance company says "they never heard of that problem" yea right)

Well this time I need to repair the other wheel well now, since it rained almost all the way home the day after the tire blew in Arizona, duct tape saved the day until I got back to the barn.

I will post how I repair the PLASTIC wheel well this time also..


  1. Added to the list of things not to buy. We had an interesting experience with china-made tools while working on my rig. Joey, with his apparently super human strength, broke several wrenches, wire snips and pliers.

  2. Why did you let things go far to a sixth tire? Is it to give this certain tire brand a few more chances to prove its worth? For whatever reason it is, I’m glad you’ve reached the turning point. I suppose these tires were more economical; but having a good set of tires that provide grip and stability in the road is more important! Thank you for the caution!