Thursday, February 14, 2013

Still Fixin' damage from the last blow-out

Here is a photo of the wheel well that was made of light plastic. (what isn't these days)

I used a couple layers of pond liner tape on each side ( top & bottom) to bond the two halves together.

Cut some aluminum sheet I have laying around layed in the center,
screwed it down with sheet metal screws.

In this back side photo it shows the need to have something for the screws to attach themselves to that is stronger than plastic and aluminum, so wood is the preferred material, making it stronger than it ever was.

After letting it set for a couple of days for the white silicone to dry, ( do not want any chance of leaks)

It is ready to be re-installed.

I managed to partially install it today Just before the snow began to fall.

If the weather man is correct the temps on Saturday are to be around 60. I plan on finishing the install then.

When the blowout happened on I-8 I was on the shoulder of the interstate with traffic whizzing by at 80 mph. I was kinda in a hurry to get the thing changed. In my haste I forgot to pickup the hold down for the spare tire.

So, another one need to be fabricated.

During the brief snow today I scrounged around in my junk and found enough stuff to make another hold down.

This is what the contraption looks like without the tire.

Little cuttin' a  little weldin' a little turnin' on the lathe

Wahalla a part :)

Here she is ready to put back under the trailer

Ugly but should work

Here are the NEW tires ready to go back onto the trailer

Made in Thailand


  1. Back east we would call that Yankee ingenuity. Must have some Yankees somewhere back in the family tree.

  2. Yup,
    I really enjoy making stuff.