Sunday, December 2, 2012

Trailer repairs & Upgrades continue

The new and improved trailer hitch for the boat is finally finished, the receiver was moved rearward, making it much easier to hook up the boat, and the much stronger cross-member should do the trick .

Now onto the battery bank 

This is the old mounting board that I installed back in 2005 to hold the 6 volt batteries for the off grid power system that has evolved over time.

Looks pretty bad.....  huh

I have been increasingly nervous about the strength of the treated lumber board carrying the 4 six volt batteries that weigh about 75 lbs each.

Here are the 4 trogan T-145 six volt deep cycle batteries that are used as the power storage system to run the trailer when we are off-grid (which we like to do)

The new "rack" is made of aluminum.
This photo shows the mock up process of building the new rack.

This is the hole that the batteries need to fit in..

While upgrading the battery rack, we are also adding connections to the solar system to enable us to add additional solar panels to the system, in remote locations, and during cloudy days when a little more capacity would be welcome .

Also, a new connection for the wind charger, along with a digital meter to indicate the amount of power going to the batteries when it is operating.

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