Sunday, March 25, 2012

Solar for the Suburban

During the last snowbird session this last winter, I added supplemental solar power for the trailer and to power the Tiki bar for fun.
Adding the panel makes it possible to have solar charging in a remote area away from the trailer, if it is in a shaded area.
Adding solar power to the truck improves it's versatility when Rv'ing, having an extra battery will be handy also.

During the time in Quartzsite I installed a solar panel on the luggage rack of the suburban one afternoon.

I have done this project in stages as time permits.

So, this is the first step installing the panel.

The mounting was accomplished using aluminum angle to span the luggage rack, and attaching the panel on the edge with stainless steel hardware.

The wiring was routed along the roof-line to the tear hatch, and into the cabin at the rear.

The solar panel is a  KYOCERA Solar Panel 135watts


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  2. The only question is, where will you mount your next panel? You know you can't stop!

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