Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Thinking out of the box

Thinking out of the box of traditional education

Last Sunday, 60 Minutes ran a segment on Sal Khan, the 35 year old MIT and Harvard graduate who is revolutionizing education with the Khan Academy.
For those who haven’t heard of it, the Khan Academy is a free educational resource on the web that has amassed a giant library of over 3000 video lectures on biology, math, science, economics, physics and more.
Khan records each video lecture himself, and uploads them to the Khan Academy website where they are then voraciously consumed by millions of students around the globe each day – 1.8 million in a 24 hour period, and more than 40 million over the past 18 months.
What Khan has done almost single-handedly is fill a desperate societal need for educational quality without government molesting the process. And best of all, he’s created an entirely novel way for anyone, anywhere on the globe to get a world-class education without a price tag

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