Friday, September 24, 2010

Time for "Smoking on the Beaver"

Left yesterday afternoon for a 4 hour drive to Atwood Kansas..

Arrived about 7pm and set up and stayed the night .
I was the only person staying the night, others has staked their spot by parking their campers and cookers in their favorite place.

More information on Smokin' on the Beaver

Fifth annual 'Smokin' on the Beaver' set

Wednesday, August 27, 2008
ATWOOD -- Pieces of Eight Band, the driving country/rock band that electrified the 2007 "Smokin' on the Beaver" crowd, will be back for the 2008 event set for Saturday, Sept. 27.

And Jim Ferguson, host of the popular Great American Trails Radio Magazine, will be back as a contest competitor and emcee of the fifth annual barbecue cookoff and contest!

For the fifth straight year people who are fanatic about cooking, as well as eating barbecued foods, are invited to be in Atwood to participate in the annual, event at the Columbian Hall.

Barbecue chefs are invited to "come cook, and the public at large is invited to come enjoy some of the best barbecue they'll probably ever eat," say organizers Gary Worthy and Linda Vap.

"We plan a full day of people cooking their favorite BBQ recipes with the public invited to visit the chefs, check out some unique BBQ grills and cookers, and then enjoy the various meats, beans and other foods," Worthy said.

Categories for the BBQ contest, according to Vap, include pork butt, ribs, brisket, and beans. All prepared foods are then offered in the evening, at a nominal fee, for the general public to enjoy.

"We introduced a new BBQ category our second year called "fins, fur and feather," meaning just about anything you want to barbecue, plus salsa, and then we added BBQ sauce plus homebrew and homemade wine, " she said.

We stress that people who want to participate do not have to be professional. The contest is open to anyone who wants to barbecue, and they don't have to have elaborate grills or cookers, but can cook on their "favorite backyard grill."

Persons interested in learning more about the event, or obtaining an online entry form or copy of the contest rules, can find complete information at or

Thirty-plus teams are expected to compete this year, Worthy says.

More than a dozen BBQ teams from Colorado, Nebraska and neighboring Northwest Kansas communities have already indicated they plan to participate in the fifth annual event.

I will take some picture as the weekend goes along

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