Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Smoking on the Beaver report

This year were a little better prepared, although I did not take pictures of the smoker Jeff brought a large smoker made from a lp tank.

I also took a Weber gas grille that I cut the legs off, to be able to haul in the suburban..

It worked great..

This year they added a small antique car and collector items

Some of the things I enjoyed

A John Deere hit & miss static engine mounted on an old wagon pumping water


A real good display of old steel toys and pedal cars


1926 John Deere
Solid rubber tire tread, steel lug drive

1932 English Fordson Industrial
Solid rubber tires

1925 Case 12-20 cross motor

The park surrounds a small lake

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  1. Love the video of our hit & miss engine, would like a copy. Will you be there this weekend?
    Thanks A&B