Thursday, November 22, 2007

trip to Ne, So. Dakota, Iowa

Fellows from Wisconsin country (packer fans) hunting in Nebraska

Left Nov 8th.
Traveled to Waunetta Ne. Pheasant hunting and helping with deer hunt.

Stayed until Nov 12th and headed to Armour South Dakota to visit a Brittany dog breeder.

Left Waunetta and traveled to Grand Island Ne. and took us hwy 281 north, the day was quite windy, when I arrived at Ft. Randall SD. the wind was extremely strong. I pulled of the highway and found a historic site. Ft. Randall operated by the U.S Corps of Engineers.

I found refuge at the parking lot of the Chapel for the night.

Web site for Ft. Randall

Ft Randall Chapel
First conceived By Lt. Colonel Pinkey Lugenbeel and designed by George Bush (post carpenter), the combination chapel, library and lodge was erected in 1875 with the sweat from many a soldier and at a cost of $20,000.
Built in the shape of a cross, the yellow chalk, red cedar and black walnut cathedral-style building included a bell tower with a winding staircase. A large organ and bell that could be heard from miles around were installed. Upon abandonment in 1892, and with exception of the chapel and its contents were sold at a private sale.

In 1896, the 36 inch, 550 lb steel church bell found a new home in the belfry of the Springfield, S.D. city hall. Since that time, the chapel has deteriorated. In 2003, th U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, assisted by the National Park Service and local historical societies, worked to restore the historic chapel. At the same time, local historians directed their efforts at returning the bell to its original site. Military retirees Dick Barta of Vermillion, S.D. and Don Barta of Wagner S.D., along with Almon Adam of Pickstown, S.D. and a former resident of the Fort Randall community, convinced the bell's caretakers that the bell should be returned to its home. The bell found its way back home in the summer of 2004.

Map of area link

The video above will give an indication of the wind speed when I stopped. You can hear the generator turning...The wind speed indicator that I have showed a maximum speed of 66 mph during the night.

For those wanting to know more about the wind generator, it is a southwest power Air-X 12 volt 400 watt unit. web link

Ready to go the next morning, not so windy now..

November 13th.

Headed for Big Spur Lodge in Armour, S.D. to visit with Bill Dillon

I lost a true friend in Ginger our first Brittany, I may be interested in another dog, I still have Libby, but I may be spoiled hunting with 2 dogs the last 4 years.

Bill spent alot of time with me talking dogs and am very comfortable with him, and his expertise.

His web site, I recommend him

That afternoon I traveled east on I90 to Rochester Mn. for a stop at my brothers place. Stayed the night.

November 14th traveling to Mason City Ia. to see family and friends. Stayed the night boondocking (boondocking it's a wonderful thing).

November 15th. traveled to Riceville Ia. for some pheasant hunting on the Burt Fluggie farm, 300 acres dedicated to deer and pheasants for family and friends, Burt is now retired at the age of 83 and a super guy..

Libby ... showing off the birds that were pointed and retrieved

Stayed hunting and visiting for the weekend.

Left on Sunday afternoon and traveled to York Ne. a little over 400 miles, getting out of the cold and cloudy weather. Spent the night boondocking in Wal-Mart in York Ne.

November 19th. Libby's birthday (4 yrs old now)

Traveled back to Waunetta Ne and set up camp at an abandoned farm place formerly farmed by the fanning family

Stayed the evening watching Monday night football, and a Bronco win.

Friend Gary Polly and I traveled the next day to Ogallala Ne to check out some wild turkey hunting spots.

Traveled back to the trailer and packed up and headed home to beat the snowy weather coming the next day. Arrived home about 6 pm

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