Saturday, November 24, 2007

Cooking Pheasant

My favorite Pheasant (Chinese chicken)

On a hunting trip a friend showed how he prepared Pheasant and it is delicious.
I have prepared Pheasant this way for a few years now and everyone (almost) likes it even the grandkids.

First, cut out the breast meat and you can cut strips of dark meat from the legs of the bird. Soak the meat in salted water, in a bowl, overnight in the fridge. This will draw out the blood and wild taste of the meat.

Picture shows the meat after being soaked overnight and drained.

This picture shows, the center cut bacon, toothpicks, and a pheasant breast on the cutting beard before cutting the breast into strips.

This is the bacon we use to wrap the pheasant strips with

This picture shows pheasant strips rolled and wrapped with a half slice of bacon, we used 2 birds to fill these plates.

This picture shows the pheasant strips wrapped in bacon with toothpicks and in a ziplock bag ready for barbecuing..

To cook the pheasant nuggets, place the nuggets on the grill, cook on one side, about 5 mins, ( or slightly brown) depending on your temperature, turn over the nuggets to cook on the other side, add your favorite bbq sauce ( mine is Cookies) let cook of approx five minutes, ( lightly brown) turn over the nuggets again and add bbq sauce to the un-sauced side. Turn one more time to cook in the newly applied bbq sauce. ......... Serve UMMMMMMM

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