Sunday, June 19, 2016

Been A Week, And … the following is quite clear.

 Post by Karl Denninger
The Burning Platform

  • The cops will not protect you.  It is not their job, despite your belief that it is and their slogans on their cars. The police sat outside Pulse for three hours after knowing there was an active shooter inside. He was obviously still shooting at that point because when they did breach the wall he came out firing (and was killed) and as such it is essentially a certainty that some of the people who died could have lived but for the three hour delay at coming in which was an entire voluntary decision on the part of the cops.  Whatever hero worship beliefs you may hold toward police officers you had better disabuse yourself of that notion right now because that crap and the public’s “support” of same just got a bunch of people killed.  These so-called “police officers” should be getting the upturned middle finger everywhere they go from this day forward for their outrageous cowardice
  • Said cops might shoot YOU by accident due to horrible trigger control.  So-called “suppressive fire” certainly has a place — fire that is “pointed” rather than aimed — as it is useful to try to force a bad guy to keep his head down, and thus not be able to aim at you.  But it is utterly unacceptable for a police officer to ever use same in any situation where civilians may be present; one of the first rules of shooting is that you own every round you discharge until it comes to rest.  If there are innocent people present suppressive fire is very likely to hit them and thus its use is the very definition of gross negligence.  The cops did so at Pulse and they should be indicted on manslaughter charges if, as I suspect, it proves up that they wound up hitting some of the patrons.  One of the best arguments for you being armed is that you will be held accountable for all of your rounds but the cops won’t be — as such you’re far more likely to be damn careful with where yours go while they literally don’t give a crap.
  • The bad guys will always get their hands on whatever they want to commit their crimes with.  France has some of the most-restrictive firearms laws in the world, effectively banning from private ownership any semi-automatic weapon, yet a band of Muslim thugs murdered over 100 people with guns quite recently.   Anyone who does not respond to any politician putting forward “gun control” with STFU and an upturned middle finger can get the hell off my lawn because you are trespassing and worse, you’re advocating for murderers being able to ply their trade unstopped. National Review gets it, and you had better get it, because in our current environment the only person you can depend on in a situation like this is yourself. 
  • “Gun control” will thus never prevent such a mass-shooting incident.  Ever.  Get that through your heads, folks.  Laws restricting the ownership and carrying of firearms only prevent you from being able to defend yourself in certain situations, with the “certain situation” varying from law to law. In addition obtaining a CCW directly invites harassment by officials that have no respect for the Second Amendment; if you have a CCW it comes up on their terminal whenever your plate or driver license is run by any cop, anywhere, at any time.  Further, the existing body of laws in Florida and virtually every other state makes the carrying of any firearm in any place such as that club by anyone other than law enforcement, even with a CCW, a crime.  As a result basically nobody did carry, except for one off-duty cop and he engaged the shooter.  Unfortunately he was badly outgunned and alone and the reason he was alone are those laws — and nothing else.
  • If 10% of the roughly 300 people in that club had been armed there would have been 31 people with the capability to fire back instead of one and the assailant would have had no idea which patrons they were.  The murderous jackass would have certainly had his back to one or more of them during his assault.  While there is no guarantee of success in such a situation by any means having a gun in such a situation always beats no gun.
  • You must, as a citizen and especially if you are a member of a minority group hated by these people or a woman, demand the full restoration of the 2nd Amendment’s four words — “shall not be infringed” — to full force and effect now. Nobody else is going to stop such an attack in the future which means if you happen to be where it occurs you either stop the attack or you die.  There is only one means which reliably improves your odds of being able to stop such an assault and that is a gun.  But a gun you do not have with you at the time is worthless; as such any constraint on your keeping and bearing of same, except where the government is willing and able to provide sufficient armed security (such as a courthouse), is a constraint that is both unconstitutional and may get you killed.  Even worse “gun-free zones” and laws restricting carry are nothing more than an advertisement to mass-murderers along with common thugs that scream “come shoot people here; they’re all unarmed!”  This may be uncomfortable for you to face and you may not like it, but it is nonetheless true.  This is not a game and these murderous bastards are serious in their hatred and willingness to kill; you either are prepared for that possibility if one or more of them shows up or you are dead.
  • The assailant was reported to have fired over 200 rounds.  This means he reloaded at least six times.  If his last stand with the cops was one mag, that means five times he exposed himself to having his attack disrupted by the people who were present.  All the persons remaining alive had to do at that point was distract him sufficiently to keep him from getting the next magazine in his weapon.  Throwing beer bottles, glasses, drinks, chairs, tables, anything at him — or dog-piling the guy — would have likely been effective.  You must align your mind toward exactly this, because if a situation similar to this occurs and you have no gun your only rational opportunity to survive is to do exactly that as soon as the assailant runs his weapon dry.  You may well die doing it but you’re going to die anyway if you do nothing, and if you and the rest of the people there all react this way odds are you will stop the assault and save lives — probably including your own.
  • Because the shooter had to reload at least five times while shooting the people inside Pulse if there was anyone that had not yet been shot with a firearm at the point he ran dry the first time they had several seconds to shoot him before he could reload!  Again, the laws that we the people have allowed to be passed and in many cases insisted on got most of those people at Pulse killed — and that’s a fact.  You must, right now, dedicate your life to the repeal of all such laws, the ejection from public office of any politician who is not in full support of same and the immediate and permanent economic boycott of all other persons and firms that are not and will not get behind the immediate restoration of the Second Amendment as written.  Our failure to do so up until now is directly responsible for the overwhelming percentage of deaths at Pulse; their blood is on our hands and we must make penance for same, starting now.  Period.
  • There is no such thing as a “safe space”, the concept of “micro-aggression” is garbage, nobody is a special snowflake and the crap peddled by various people with regard to all of the aboove is both outrageous and a big part of the reason all these people are dead. Here’s looking at you, “progressives” and even supposedly “conservative” parents!   Incidentally, years ago I wrote on the outrageous actions of our elementary school that played the “give an award in a graduation ceremony for elementary to every special snowflake” game – after raising Hell with the Principal immediately following their “ceremony.”  The number of other parents that were outraged enough at this to show up in her office with me and raise hell with said Principal?  Zero.  Guess what — all of you who did not do so, either at that time or at any other, have blood on your hands because it is that very mentality of dependence and “special snowflake” status that was responsible for all 300 of the patrons in that bar not attacking the shooter as soon as he had to reload.  Let me be clear: If you’re a parent and have let this happen over the last 20 years, or worse, if you’re doing it now, you are directly responsible and culpable for indoctrinating your children into the very mindset that was directly responsible for the majority of the fatalities and injuries at Pulse.  May you burn in Hell for your actions and, more-importantly, inactions that had murderous consequences for dozens.  We have lost what happened on 9/11 over Pennsylvania from our collective consciousness, that loss was not an accident, it was and is due to your deliberate actions on a collective basis, and that, to a large degree, is why these people are dead!
  • Our current President, the presumptive Democratic nominee, and a material number of Democrat Senators and Representatives, have tried to use this incident to further restrict firearms ownership and carry.  This will simply disarm more victims and lead to more deaths.  Those politicians who advance such policies are in fact cheering over the dead people in the LGBTQ community and are perfectly ok with more of you being murdered as a consequence, just so long as they get and keep their political power and appease the murderous religious zealots.  Our President can’t even say “Radical Islam” and he has refused to do anything about it for the entire seven years he has been in office.
    • The Democratic Party has claimed to be “aligned with” the LGBTQ community.  That same party’s State Department shut down an investigation of the mosque the assailant attended because it “unfairly targeted Muslims.”  The fact is that if you’re LGBTQ your chosen political party got your friends killed through their political correctness and willful disregard for the truth.  It may be time to change political affiliation, don’t you think?
    • The granting of “protected class” status has and will continue to get people killed until we put a stop to it.  There is a reason that our Declaration of Independence declared that all people are created equal; the premise of a “protected class” is inherently a violation of that principle and must be abolished as it creates the very situations that lead to what happened at Pulse.  There are reports that this murderous jackwad was known to repeatedly utter a desire to kill blacks and women, among others, yet it is claimed that he was not fired from his job because he was Muslim.  To those in the LBGTQ community, or other groups, who believe they have “benefited” from such protected-class status you signed your own death warrants by promoting any group obtaining such a status as it effectively prevented this jackwad from being ejected from his place of employment.  Worse, it also appears to have prevented his Mosque from being investigated fully and perhaps shut down where preaching on hating gays and the “appropriate penalty” for that behavior (death, I remind you) took place!  We must return to the premise that all men and women are created equal and that means the dismantling of all “protected class” barriers and “special snowflake” designations.  If those “protections” had not been in place this man’s mosque would have been raided and shut down and he would have been fired years ago — and almost-certainly would not have committed this act of terror.
    • Don’t ever run the “see something, say something” line of garbage around me.  Ever.  Unless, of course, you want to see my middle finger.  The shooter was noted as being “odd” in a gun store before the shooting; the employees saw something, called the FBI and they did nothing.  Likewise, before 9/11 the flight school where they were practicing hitting buildings in a simulator saw something and said something and the FBI did…. nothing.  Take your slogans and shove them up your ass; it’s where they belong.  Instead, be prepared, and that means be armed, and be mentally and physically prepared to use said defensive device(s) if necessary.  At the same time stop walking around in “condition white”; that is, oblivious to your surroundings!  Any law constraining your ability to be prepared in your daily life is one that will get you killed and thus one you must demand be repealed — right now.  You must back that demand up with the willingness to go on a personal, general strike and engage others to do the same.  If you are one of those who is unwilling to do what needs to be done and can be done legally to address this problem then STFU if and when you, or someone you love, dies as an indirect result of your intentional inaction.
    • These people are going to eventually get a WMD of some sort into this country or construct one here.  When they do they will use it, and it is odds-on that it will be used in one of our major cities.  We must secure our borders, know who is coming and going and what they are bringing with them.  If we do not you will wake up one morning to news that one of our cities has been incinerated, or worse, you will be incinerated in your sleep.  Again, this is not a game; these people mean it and their intentions are clear.  It is simply a matter of time before they accomplish what they set out to do if we continue to allow an open border and free movement of both people and material into our nation.
    • None of this is pleasant to contemplate or put effort into yet every bit of it is true, and if you have an ounce of common sense you know these are all facts, not opinions.  These people want to cut the heads off anyone who they deem “lesser”, including anyone who is gay or refuses to worship as they do, and they intend to treat all women as slaves, both sexually and otherwise.
      This is not a joke, it is not a game, and the whackjobs who hold these beliefs are willing to kill anyone who so much as raises their voice in opposition.  Our options are two: We either deal with this or our way of life in America is going to be destroyed.

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