Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Earth Changes

       Living full time in a movable abode, one is much more aware of your surroundings when it comes to weather, including the wind ( you pay more attention when you have a wind charger) Sun which also supplies you with electrical energy, clouds (which can reduce your available electrical  usage),  high and low temperatures when insulation is minimum compared to a dwelling anchored to the ground and insulated. 

   The point being that when you are more sensitive to Mother Earths variations it is noce to find one who makes it their life work to give alternative information, from the main stream.

So I would  like to invite you to check out the new web site

Here is their latest YouTube Video

Playing Devil's Advocate:
Against The Magnetic Reversal

And for those who follow this blog, I have rebuilt my Weather Information and links on the Traveling Tiki Bar Blog   you are invited to use the pages for trip planning, like I do, using multiple sources to try and get a clearer picture of upcoming weather when traveling.

If you find it is handy for your use, and would like links added, let me know I will add them.


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