Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Escape from the BIG City .

After major repairs and mods
We have finally left the Matrix of the Big City for the quite surroundings of Southwest Nebraska.

We endured wet weather challenges in the months of March, April, May,  during that time while trying to work on the trailer it rained 36 out of 43 days..

During that time projects completed were:

Straighten the frame from being stuck this last snowbird season (long story)
Lower the axles approx. 4 1/2 inches , and separate them another 3 inches.
Replace the tires and wheels .. Going from 14 inch to 15 inch and much higher load rating
Build new wheel wells
Manufacture a new spare tire carrier
New electrical line to accommodate USB locations for devices  
New electrical circuits for inverter power in the kitchen and bathroom
Build supports for trailer floor out to the edge of the body
Build new boat hitch mount to the frame ..
Replace all lower tin-work, and belly pan aluminum
Reposition water drain line to no longer hang below the bottom of the frame.
Move the LP supply line into the frame .. No longer hanging below the frame.

Remove the furnace (quit working) found it needed a new motherboard (a 2 day delivery took 2 weeks thanks USPS )

Pack the wheel bearings, adjust the brakes

THEN... the day we are finally ready to leave...... (wait for  IT ) The radiator for the suburban decided to leak all over the place .. So another day replacing a very large radiator.

Below are a few photos of  the process:

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