Friday, April 17, 2015

Between Seasons = Projects

In the Mobile lifestyle there are times where the weather extremes make it difficult to enjoy the outdoors every day.

This year we have left the snowbird season in the middle of March returning to the Rocky Mountain West to prepare for the spring hunting and summer fishing seasons.

We have taken advantage of this "down time" to do modifications to the apartment on wheels, upgrades to the equipment for communication,  (cell phone, internet, computers) so much so, I need to keep a list so as not to forget them before leaving from the home base..

One of the major upgrades this year is the installation of larger wheels and tires.
Going from 14 inch wheels & tires to 15 inch wheels & tires that increase the carrying capacity by approx. 1000 lbs each.
A big improvement, to eliminate, flat tires every 1000 miles.

Along with the larger tires we are raising the trailer (lowering the axles) by 2 1/2 inches to enable us to access more remote areas we love to be in

The boat is not immune to upgrades either.
A custom cover sewn up by Rusty's Originals Upholstery will help keep the boat cleaner on the dusty dirt roads, and keep it dry during the rain storms. 

A little before / after photos..

During the trips to Denver we find a few unique things to notice while setting at the zillions of traffic lights .. Great art work on this truck

A weather delay happening

So far over 2.5 inches of rain over the
last 2 days..
High temps in the 40"s
Wind gusts around 40 mph

Charlie, Libby and Cody pass the time with their new favorite treat bolo's from Costco

Looking forward to BBQ Season

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