Friday, March 6, 2015

Off - Grid .... Movie Theater

When living the mobile lifestyle getting together with friends for some food and a movie seems like a natural thing to do, since we are closely connected to nature in the way we live.

A good friend has an 18 foot cargo trailer that started out to be his "Man Cave" for video games
( of which it is still used for) But, it has also evolved into an Off Grid mini movie theater, complete with 500 watts of solar and all of the elements to run a big screen tv, xbox, dvd player, and also pick up local television channels

On the "Movie Nights" food is prepared first, with a chance to visit and catch up with others

Here is a image of the inside with the attendees providing their chairs for watching the Feature Movie

On with the show

She likes Movie Night


  1. So, is this a matinee? Most of the full-timers I know go to bed at zero-dark-thirty.

    Looks like fun!

  2. Oh, No
    festivities begin at 6pm and run till ?
    The difference is.... I am the oldest

  3. :)

    Age is relative, if we're talking numbers!