Saturday, December 13, 2014

Classic Southwest Photo

Not much going on ... Except the weather, we received 1/10th  inch of rain, predicted to be a low of 33 degrees tonight,

Below a picture worth using as a background picture, I may redesign the blog header with this photo

I was watching a local tv news propaganda show that were predicting low temps in the 40's  
Below is a pic of the script reader at a local mall taking donations of blankets
At the time of the pic the temps are in the 60's she has a coat and scarf on

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  1. I'm convinced the blood thins in the desert regions. When I was living in dirtville, I'd listen to the Phoenix weather, occasionally. The weather fools would tell the moms to bundle up their kids in the morning. It was going to be a chilly 65while they were waiting for the bus.

    It was 55 in my bedroom this morning!