Sunday, November 30, 2014

Birds and Bird Dogs

When you have bird dogs all birds are of extreme interest.
Not far from our front door this Blue Heron is fishing and the Bird Dogs are watching

For those in Denver a little weather report from the lake
High scattered clouds .. no wind

For those who think Black Friday and all the other stupid retail holiday are great, there is this

Do We Own Our Stuff, or Does Our Stuff Own Us?
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Being freed from being owned is a form of liberation with many manifestations.

The frenzied acquisition of more stuff is supposed to be an unalloyed good: good for "growth," good for the consumer who presumably benefits from more stuff and good for governments collecting taxes on the purchase of all the stuff.

But the frenzy to acquire more stuff raises a question: do we own our stuff, or does our stuff own us? I think the answer is clear: our stuff owns us, not the other way around.

Everything we own demands its pound of flesh in one way or another: space must be found for it amid the clutter of stuff we already own, it must be programmed, recharged, maintained, dusted, moved, etc.

The only way to lighten the burden of ownership is to get rid of stuff rather than buy more stuff. The only way to stop being owned is to is get rid of the stuff that owns us.
I propose a new holiday event, Gold Sunday: this is the day everyone hauls all the stuff they "own" that is a burden to a central location and dumps it in a free-for-all. Whatever is left after the freeters have picked through the pile is carted to the recycling yard and whatever's left after that culling is taken to the dump.

Frankly, I wouldn't accept a new big-screen TV, vehicle, tablet computer, etc. etc. etc. at any price because I am tired of stuff owning me. I don't want any more entertainment or computational devices, musical instruments, vehicles, clothing, kitchen appliances, or anything else for that matter, except what can be consumed with some modest enjoyment and no ill effects.

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  1. Have your dogs met ravens yet? The ravens in dirtville enjoyed harassing Stumpy, all day long!

    I've given up most stuff, But I do love my communication devices. I never need the latest and greatest so when one dies, I'm happy to replace it with a refurbished model.