Sunday, February 9, 2014

Our Short Snowbird season has begun

After enduring snow, ice and zero temps we made it to warmth 

After conversing with friend Bob (Cheap RV living) he informed me that the wind has not blown much at all this season, But I decided since I had not used the wind charger this year I decided to put it up.

The wind blew a strong 15mph all day so it actually did some good

The first night in the Arizona Desert since last year that I had time to take another sunset picture

Made a trip into Quartzsite looking for a car wash, asked local residents if there was one ?
Nope, I noticed this old abandoned gas station that still has the old gas pumps, a statement of days gone by.
The cactus was probably there before the building was constructed  and looks like it will be there after it is gone. I also wonder how deep the well is that the windmill is attached to.

The Tiki Bar is a hit once again, it was sports bar night Thursday night for the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics

Since we were delayed from leaving Denver a day I quickly whipped together an Idea of taking a turkey fryer and miniaturizing it to make a deep fat fryer the can be taken down and stored in a small space, as space it always a premium when traveling in RV's
So, here it is ready to do some appetizers for the Tiki Bar night on Saturday night. Worked great..
 Here it is without the pot

Cody decided the there just had to be something under this bush worth digging to China for, the holes are about 18 inches deep.  He has been sleeping very well at night

Planning on moving to Yuma soon,for a visitation with my favorite Canadian Snowbirds
But, tonight (another low key) Tiki night, all of the neighbors want to take pictures tonight.

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