Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Week of 'Ol Goats, and Fishing

We returned to the Camp near Salina on Monday, Set up camp, relaxed for awhile.

Wednesday: We decided to take the boat to Clear Creek Reservoir to try some fishing

These fellas showed up with a 56 Chevy and matching tri-hull boat .. great looking combo

We fished for about 4 hours, caught 4 keepers (trout)

Thursday was Football Night the Bronco's were on,
 We set up 2 TV's  around the RV's, broke out Jalapeno poppers, onion rings,  breaded mushrooms, and some stew, had a great party..
Note to self .............. Do Not warm up the cooking oil past 350 degrees (tends to burn them instantly)

Sorry no pictures for this one .. was busy serving our guests

Another fishing day .................Yeah!!!

Cottonwood Pass 12,000 ft. elevation

Cottonwood Pass is on the way to Taylor Res.

On the far left you can see Taylor from the top of the pass
Photo from the boat during the launch

Video of trolling on the lake in persuit of tasty fishies

We caught some Northern Pike, but they were pretty small, so no tasty fishes for the cooler today

The clouds were building through the afternoon, the cell tn the upper left was getting pretty thick, we called the fishing at about 1pm, by time we were off the lake we just missed the rain storm

The rest of the week was spent doing Goat Stuff.

Cheers Everyone

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