Monday, June 3, 2013

Spring Camping and Fishing

Beginning of June fishing at the Stagecoach Reservoir.

Left Friday afternoon to travel to Stagecoach State Park to do some Northern Pike and Rainbow Trout fishing

Friday evening fishing was very hot

Friday and Saturday Morning fishing was on the pontoon boat.

Saturday evening I broke out the Sea Nymph, the above pic is from the 44 year old boat
Caught both Rainbo Trout and Northern Pike, by 7pm I was done.

Road to Yamcolo
On Sunday afternoon I loaded up the Sea Nymph and headed to Yamcolo Reservoir at 10,000 ft.
This time of year the landscape is green and lush from the winter snow run-off (flowers in full bloom)

 Flattops Mountains from Yamcolo

The weather was windy, (but not too bad) temps in the 60;s

  The inlet to the lake form the Yampa Valley, starting here, fishing is awesome, caught both Rainbow, and Brown Trout. (love the brown trout, tastes like salmon)

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