Wednesday, March 13, 2013 disallows discussion about National Parks

The original poster posted this story from The Washing Post (aka Gov. propaganda)

The jest of the story is since the park services need to cut 5% because of sequester, which is a less of an increase of base line budgeting, which they still are going to get an increase from last year's budget.

MAMMOTH HOT SPRINGS, Wyo. — The giant yellow snowplows that wake Yellowstone from its winter slumber every March are idled, waiting for the sun to make up for federal budget cuts that are forcing the park to open late for peak season.
Mandatory cuts kicked in three days before the plows were to start clearing snow and ice from 300 roads at altitudes that reach 11,000 feet. Faced with an order from Washington to slice $1.8 million from his budget, the park superintendent, Dan Wenk, had considered his options.  link to complete story

I posted a story from the Denver area of a story detailing the cuts of the budget for the Rocky Mountain Park from a non proaganda new source. The Daily Caller:

Despite warnings, sequester impacts to Rocky Mountain National Park not ‘so awful’

Budget cuts required by the federal sequester will hit Colorado’s famous Rocky Mountain National Park much less dramatically than viewers of a breathless TV news story may have been led to believe Wednesday night.
The NBC affiliate 9News began its story of budget cuts with peaceful scenes of deer against a mountain backdrop, with a reporter asking the ominous question, “Do you remember the last time something so awful reared its ugly head in such a wonderful place?”
In truth, sequestration-related cuts amounting to about 5 percent of the park’s $12.4 million annual budget, aren’t really going to be all that awful, according to park superintendent Vaughn Baker.
“It’s probably not as dire as it’s made out to be,” he said.  Link to complete story

and this one
Park ranger: Supervisors pushed sequester cuts that visitors would see

This is considered political speak which is not allowed on, ...... WOW ... this type of discussion is prohibited  

Are forums relevant anymore ?
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