Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Boat trailer hitch 2.0

During the trip to the Pheasant Hunting grounds last month, to do some pheasant hunting and some fishing.
 I left on the Thursday before opening day, around 11am.  (good thing)

Traveling down the road (I-76) getting close to Atwood, traveling in the left lane
( because the right lane is so rough it is unbearable )

I fellow passing me, signaled I had a problem.

Pulled over, got out and checked the trailers. I was horrified of what I found.
At first I found ANOTHER flat tire in the right front of the camper, I go to the back and find the hitch for the boat barely still attached to the camper.

I checked where I was on the gps,  5 miles to the truck stop at Atwood. Took the shoulder for the five miles hoping the boat would not detach and cause an accident.

I made it to the truck stop without any more damage. (Thank goodness)

I changed the flat tire, spoke with the manager, she gave me permission to leave the boat there, until I could return.

I made it to the camp spot without any more troubles. Quickly set up the trailer.
By this time it is getting dark.
 Began the trip back to the truck stop, almost hit a deer at the Colorado / Nebraska border. Made it to the boat without almost hitting anymore wildlife. Hooked up the boat and traveled back to the trailer.
I arrived at 9 pm., long day for both the dogs and their buddy.

So, to make a long story somewhat short, below is the new and improved hitch which I believe will NOT try to fall off.

Rear bumper removed to check out the damage
Right frame rail where the metal broke
Left frame rail where the hitch was hanging on by a thread
The rebuilt  hitch with new brackets on the welding bench
The  new bracket will be much stronger
I added 2 new brackets that will prevent any twisting in the future

So, now, we are doing many more improvements to the trailer since the weather has been sooo good.

I will show them soon.

We are hoping to be back in the hunting areas possibly next week.. and bring the boat back home.


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  2. Are trailer hitches for boats different from those for trailers? I want to buy a trailer hitch in Mississauga but need to know my options first. I figure it has to do with the vehicle and the boat itself.

  3. Rose.
    The hitches for either boat and trailers are the same

    In our case I built a custom hitch where there was none, basically go with the amount of weight you have, (from the towing unit), to determine which one to purchase.
    As in the weight of the towed unit and the tongue weight.

    Always "stronger is better"

  4. How exactly is this different from any regular trailer hitch? I've been to a few different places up in Calgary and the main ones I saw all looked the same.

  5. The 2.0 hitch is much heaver than the original one, It is home made, the ultralight trailers do not have hitches from the factory.

  6. Really 2.0? That is good... On a durability scale. How much would you say the trailer hitch can lift? I need a good hitch that is durable.

    1. This is a home made hitch, after the near mishap and rebuilding I would estimate I could have a 500 lb tongue weight.

      My plan is to have light loads for this hitch, the boat total weight is 350 lbs, but, the trailer for the smoking contest equipment is heavier, I think that is what weakened the original hitch.

  7. I could only imagine what you felt during such tedious event. Reinforcing it is the only choice if you would want to avoid mishaps on the road. As I can see on the photos you've shared, it looks like you were very lucky that the boat didn't detach while on the road. Stay safe, and I hope you consider having regular checkup routines to avoid something like this in the future.

    Delena Millener

    1. Thank you Delena,

      I reason I knew something was wrong, was a fellow motorist alerted me to trouble, (a blown tire) (again) I then found the hitch trouble.

      I always do walk around when I stop for fuel, or other necessities :)

      Between the crummy tires and other events in the past I now see it as exercise :)
      Witch I need

  8. That looks like a nice rebuild. I am going to get a trailer hitch from Mississauga tomorrow. I'm always worried about something like this happening.

  9. This is a great blog. I can't imagine going camping without towing something with my hitch in Calgary. It has made boating and taking out the Camper so much more convenient.

  10. I like all details that you provide in your articles.
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  11. That's scary! I had a similar experience once with some kayaks on a roof rack in Toronto. It's scary to think of the damage that could happen.

  12. I remember on debating on whether we would ever use a trailer hitch. It has been such a convenience. Not only can we tow our boat with it, but also our new camper.