Thursday, July 19, 2012

Shotgun practice time

Every year around this time, the Dogs (Libby, Cody & I) make our way early one day a week to Kiowa Creek to start some early field work, (hunting season will be here soon Hope Hope) and get used to walking on terrain again, get the "ol shoot'n shoulder accustomed to recoil from the 'ol double barrel.

Kiowa Creek Sporting Club

Since the temps at 9 am were about 90 degrees already, we kept the walking and running short,

I proceeded to do my usual 125 rounds of shotgun shells.. chasing clay pigeons

On the way home, I pass by a ranch,  that the owner apparently has a vintage aircraft, or is an aircraft buff.

This is a photo of a model PT17 bi plane at the entrance of his property, it is well done .

I also liked the sign he has erected for the folks going by on the road

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