Monday, December 5, 2011

Baby it's cold outside

We have developed a solar aeration that we hope to sell a few of:

Our first prototype has been sold and I agreed to deliver it to (of all places) Pagosa Springs, Colorado.. on the Colorado New Mexico border (30 miles south of Pagosa Springs, Colorado)

The weatherman (hint .. fed. gov. worker) predicted 1-2 inches of snow and a low temp of 21*

Yeah well right.. Below are the so called 1-2 inches of snow going over Wolf Creek pass around 3pm in the afternoon

 Not too bad at first

 At the top pretty close to white out conditions, now I now how helpful the poles on the edge of the road are:

I arrived in Pagosa Springs around dark, Oh, did I mention I was pulling the camper trailer ?

On the edge of town there is a restaurant ( Junction Restaurant) that has a large parking lot.  ( the only one in town with a large lot) I found out later ..

Last night the temps were not quite too cold about 19* but cold enough to freeze a 3/4 acre ponds some.

This morning I met with a couple of nice young fellas that are going to help with the installation.. ( especially the part of putting the diffuser in the water.)

We had breakfast at the Junction Restaurant, headed out on a 30 mile trip south toward the little town of  Chromo 

Parked on the side of the road unhooking the trailer, so I can go up the trail to install the solar aeration unit

before picture of the pond we are installing 2 diffusers into .. Looks a little frozen to me, I took this picture while the lads went after THE boat.

While they were gone after the boat I unloaded all of the parts and panels for the system.

The ice is about 1 1/2 inch thick .. this is going to take awhile ...

This about as far as they got after much hard work but it was good enough for me.
Right after this, the battery in the camera died, so I hooked it up to the solar and charged for a  bit, hopefully enough to take a couple more pictures..

 The guys helped with the assembly of the solar unit and were very good help, hopefully they will be intalling more units in the future, in this area..
I left the area and the guys told of another way back to Walsenburg without going over Wolf Creek pass,
"Go south to Chama down the road and take a left,  it will take you back to Monte Vista "

Well Chama is another 20 miles south into New Mexico ..  pretty drive at 30 mph  on snow packed roads..
The cool thing was I have never driven in this part of the mountains before,.. went past

I really want to go back and take that ride someday. The old train station and R/R town look like fun..
So instead of going over Wolf Creek, we went over LaMarga Pass, talk about a deserted road.. saw about 3 cars on the whole ride over the pass, all snow packed another 30 - 40 mph drive. (but pretty)
Around 5:30 made it to Walsenburg and am stopped in the only truck stop for many miles hanging out with the furnace running alot .. It is about -7* below zero and is predicted to go to -10* tonight.. Not as bad as  in Alamosa which is predicted to go to -20*
That is the travel adventure for the last couple of days.

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