Thursday, July 8, 2010

Another installment in preparing for hunting

Libby, Cody and I, left this morning and traveled to Bennett Colorado to do some shooting practice and, let the real hunters play in the tall grass.

Everything went well and was enjoyed by all of us.

The weather has been rainy the last couple of days, so I thought twice about taking the dogs, But, I changed my mind and took them anyway.
When we got there it was only partly cloudy there, so it all worked out.

I follow a rv blog, called goin' RV boondocking.
Brian had a very good post yesterday and I would like to share it ...

Hes is going full-time Rving and sums up what I would like to do the older I get...

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

We're Comin' down to the wire... and The Leaving.

Thursday or Friday we pull out. I'm not planning on goin' very far, day one... or even day two!

I AM planning on getting the chains and tentacles of a cancerous system expelled from my Cowboy Brainpan in a rushin' hurry!

The biggest anchor, draggin' us back... draggin' me back... is worryin'...

Reading Box Canyon Blogger the other day, lit up a bell in my head... uh ... rang a light... uh ... Aw hell, ya'll
know what I mean...

Mark told of seein' a raggedy ass Ol' motorhome, smokin' and swayin' and waddling down the road... The kind of a rig most of us are CONDITIONED to be embarrassed to own or drive...

... and the "Light" came on, 'cause I've had thoughts like that... 'bout our current truck... and the wear and tear on our Ol' Jayco... and the punishment of the last few years...

When Mark told of passing 'em... and seein' the Old Couple inside, laughin' an' LIVIN' on the seat of that Old Rig... Bong! went the thought!

It ain't about the "STUFF"... I've said it often enough. Maybe I don't pay enough attention to my own words... hmmm... seems I've said That too! :o)

It Ain't about the "STUFF".

It's About LIVING!

So... Worryin' is the tool this soul crushing system uses as its' biggest weapon to prevent Freedom Lovin' Folks from escaping from its grasping, decieving ways.

Worry 'bout the bills, worryin' 'bout our possessions... worry about what "Other" people think... Worry 'bout "Being useful"... yadda yadda yadda... makes me sick... literally.

They got us all worryin' so much... that they even found a way to sell us pills to make all the damn "Worrying"... Hurt less!

'course... all that worryin' and all the things it leads us into... is how that nasty Ol' beast makes its nickle from
us... The 'Beast' creates the problem... and then sells us the remedy!...

When all that is really required... is to develope our "Vision"... If we can learn to see the "Problems" the Beast creates, for the sole purpose of its own profit... we can simply... Not Participate in the Scheme! and walk away from the "problem"... in the first place. :o)

So... THAT... is gettin' left behind... as quick as I can find all its bits and pieces... and carve 'em out of my hide and my thinkin'.

... These first few weeks of wandering... broke and wondering... we'll be cutting loose even more "Used to be Necessities"...

... and holding on to ONLY what are TRULY... requirements for Our life...

... like pants... NOBODY wants to see my Lily white 'appendages'... out in broad daylight... that's just more Freedom than even the toughest of you are likely to be needful of!

Take Good Care

Till next time

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