Sunday, December 20, 2009

Mid December Pheasant Hunt

After waiting for the weather to warm up, we left for our favorite hunting spots last Wednesday and set up the trailer

We started hunting on Thursday morning with the temps in the 30's

Hunted all day, training Cody is coming along, takes a little longer with wild birds but, much more enjoyable.

We hunted some spots that we have not been to for a few years, some of our favorite spots from last year had heavy hail last summer so we are expanding our hunting areas ...

Some farmers are still harvesting corn, when we did find birds in the afternoon, they were bunched up... It is fun to see over 20 to 30 birds get up even though they get up early.

Gary got the first bird at one of our favorite spots, we approached a thick weed patch, each of us on oppisite sides, the dogs checked the patch, did not pick up any scent, we stood there for what seemed like five minutes, all of the sudden a rooster flew up right in front of Gary, Got him..

Later in the afternoon we came upon a new spot between two circles, pheasants were flying wild by the road, farmers were combining in a field across the road, we decided to walk the patch and birds were flushing wild ahead of us about 100 yards.

We continued to the end, and there was one lone remaining rooster that got up about 40 yards ahead me, I pulled up the 'ol 20 gauge, lead him by about 2 ft and nailed him.

We only bagged 2 birds. But, I was a very enjoyable day.

On Friday,

Gary had to leave early.
We hunted a large farm and Gary bagged one rooster that came out of thick CRP grass.

At noon I cleaned the bird from the morning,

Took a nap

left the trailer for some more hunting, it was getting pretty windy.

I stopped at a circle corner, started to walk on the downwind side of the trees, the dogs were going a good job checking the trees and the tall grass between the trees and the picked corn field.

A rooster got up early about 60 yards ahead, Libby worked to the edge of the grass and 3 roosters got up. I pulled up on the second one and hit him, Libby was right on him..

Later in the afternoon a saw a rooster in the ditch whole cruising past a spot. I stopped, walked in tall grass and about 25 birds got up, I shot at one. and did not hit him very hard, he did drop down in the thick grass that is about 4 ft tall.
Libby took a wide area looking and was moving fast, Cody, got in front of me and started working slowly side to side, aproaching the edge of the grass Cody stopped and pounced, and then pointed, I started to dig in the grass and found the wounded bird..

I love finding downed bird with the dogs :)

Libby & Cody on the ride home
(Libby tries to sleep with her head up)

Pretty good picture going 75 mph

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