Monday, December 17, 2007

European Pheasant hunt

Went to Kiowa Creek for a monthly event called European pheasant hunting (really shooting)

How it works: There are 12 pits (pictured below) in a circle pattern, in the center is an old grain silo without a top, shooters are positioned in the pits, and the birds are tossed out the top of the Silo, when the birds reach the top, they will fly in any direction away from the silo, past one of the pits. About 35 birds are tossed out in rapid fashion at a time, so it is a pretty busy time, shooting and reloading. This is done 6 times, each tossing of approx. 35 birds is called a flurry.
After each flurry the shooters rotate to another pit location, so everyone shoots from a different location in the circle. After each flurry retrieving dogs are used to find and collect all of the downed birds.
It is alot of fun.

view from one of the "pits"

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